Why I Wanted A Grey Resin Driveway


You might be thinking, how exactly is a grey resin driveway going to change my life, but rest assured there is more to this story than meets the eye. Our office is situated in an older building, and although it is stunning and we love being in an old property, it does have its challenges. The old driveway outside the front of the premised was a complete eyesore, and it has been a trip hazard a few times in the past, for staff and clients alike. So we decided that a nice new shiny driveway was the order of the day, and this is what we learned.

The Grey Resin Driveway Story

Usually, the term driveway refers to the entrace area on the outside edge of a home, business, or other structure. However, the definition of the driveway does not necessarily include the inside portion of the property (i.e., the interior walls and/or rooms). Driveways are generally a single lane in width, but in some places it could also be a car park or small paved area. Regardless of their location, driveway entrances and exits should be properly maintained otherwise you end up like us, in the position of spending several thousand pounds on a grey resin driveway.

In many cases, residential driveways are designed with driveways as narrow as one foot between parallel lines on the curb. However, residential curb cuts may vary in width as much as twelve feet between parallel lines on the front side of the property and eight feet between curbs on the side of the property. As with the width of a driveway, the purpose of the driveway is to provide a comfortable pedestrian access to the front of a house. Curb cut designs are typically chosen for their practicality and curb appeal. While the materials used to make these design elements are very important, they are not the only consideration for creating a safe pedestrian access to the home or business.

What About The Pavement?

stone pavement

In terms of the actual pavement on the property, the purpose of the pavement on the exterior of the property is to protect both the building and the walkways from damage caused by vehicles. The primary components of the driveway are aggregate fill dirt, decorative stones, and paved strips. Pavers are a highly used element of the construction process because they add uniformity to the exterior look of the driveway. When it comes to the actual paving of the driveway, there are a number of different materials that can be used. In addition to the common concrete, clay, asphalt, stone, rubber, wood, glass, and concrete options, there are other more exotic materials such as the popular sellers say that create a unique, attractive style.

Curb driveways can also be made from paper with no design, as well as ones with small and large curves. Curb cut designs are ideal for driveways used for outdoor activities, as well as for commercial buildings that want an appealing, artistic effect. Pavers have a number of different styles to offer, which includes stamped patterns and natural looking concrete. While these types of driveway designs are typically more expensive than others, they have the advantage of providing an artistic effect while adding an extra measure of durability and security. In addition to adding a unique and artistic touch to a private road, these drives offer the extra measure of safety by making it impossible for a vehicle to drive through.

Driveway Styles

Concrete driveways offer a wide array of styles and color schemes, as well as the convenience of being the easiest type of driveway to install. Because these types of driveways are not colored, they offer a color contrast that is closer to the color of the surrounding landscape. Concrete also offers the advantage of being the most affordable driveway option, while offering a number of design options that make it suitable for many different applications.

There are many other driveway alternatives, which include brick, asphalt, pea stone and even concrete if that is what is available. All of these are good choices for providing the extra layer of security and beauty needed when installing a new driveway onto a private road. The choice is up to you, but each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Once you begin the process of choosing the type of driveway to install on your private street, you will be surprised at how much time you actually save. All of these factors will contribute to you having a beautiful and safe driveway to walk or drive upon, no matter what the purpose may be.