Property Repair | What to do in the Event of Property Damage

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Damage to your property can be extremely heart-breaking. When a property is damaged in any way you should always take photos as evidence to show to your insurance company in the event of a dispute. Here are some of the different types of property repair available;

Property Repair After Flood

When a property gets water damaged, you want to remove the water as quickly as possible. Call a specialist in property repair as soon as possible to help ensure that even more damage is prevented.

The problem with flooding is that after the water is cleared you are still at risk from mould and rot problems. Choosing a property repair specialist like Richardson and Stirling, who are also experts in mould and rot problems and will ensure that these problems are eliminated.

If left, these rot and mould problems could escalate extremely quickly, with the first signs appearing in 24-48 hours. The sooner you tackle the problem the less chance there is of it growing and spreading. Things that you can do yourself to help this problem is to remove anything wet, such as rugs and bed linen from the property.

Property Repair After Fire

Fire can have tragic consequences and cause devastating damage to your home within a matter of minutes. Fire damage is one of the most complex forms of property repair. What makes it so complex is that there is generally a mix of water, smoke, and fire damage, which makes it a big job.

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Fire can not only cause drastic damage to a property, it can make a property unsafe, as floors and walls can we weakened. Ensure you choose a property repair expert who puts safety first and has ample experience when it comes to dealing with these dangerous situations to not only get the job done right the first time but to do it in a timely manner. As no one wants the devastating effects of a house fire to drag on.

Also, ensure that the property repair expert you choose will carry out a full survey of the home before any work is done. House fires are notorious for causing damage that may not be visible but may affect the structure of the property.

Property Repair After Storm

Nowadays in the UK, we are no stranger to storms and adverse weather conditions, but there is the odd big storm that can still take us by surprise. Damage to property caused by storms is becoming more frequent now than ever before.

Damage That Can Happen to Properties During a Storm

  • Broken windows
  • Damage to roof
  • Damage to chimney

When you encounter damage to your property which is caused by a storm, most insurers will advise you to try and minimise damage. This includes steps such as:

  • Hiring an emergency glazer for broken windows
  • Hiring a roofer for slipped or broken tiles